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COVID-19 Tracking Data (March 2020 to Present):

I have been tracking COVID-19 Data from the Johns Hopkins University GIS dashboard since early March 2020. Professionally, I am not a statistician, but I do compile assessment data for library usage in my job, so this has been done more out of hobby interest than anything. This data is updated every three days at the exact same time. This dataset does not speak to the validity of the Johns Hopkins data, and has been done in an effort to track what happens, and to determine the truth without hearing it from the fake media. Feel free to download the data file (in .xls format) every three days for the latest trends.

Additionally, I will update the charts below every couple months in order to show the track active cases in circulation every three days, AND the rate of infection in three day increments.

Current COVID-19 Dataset (.xls format)

Covid Data