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Our country wasn't built by cancel culture, speech codes, and soul-crushing conformity. We are not a nation of timid spirits. We are a nation of fierce, proud, and independent American patriots.- President Donald Trump

The American Condition Commentary:


What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it... well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men.

The moral decline of America is common knowledge in most Christian circles these days. However, I recently started to think long and hard as to why... What has caused our precipitous decline as a nation? More precisely, what is the EXACT cause that continues to accelerate our decline as a nation? Some could point to the removal of prayer in schools in the early 1960's. Then, you could look to the advent of the "no fault divorce" in California in 1969, or you could argue that gay marriage and LGBT activism are the source of our strife. If you said one of these or all of these, I wouldn't say you are wrong... but I think I have identified something far more simple, more intimate, and more difficult to correct than any one macro issue. I am also sure that I am not the first to realize this one particular problem either, but let me explain...

From a historical evidence perspective, it is very difficult to argue that the United States was not founded by deeply devote Christians. If you dispute this, please take time to search for videos from WallBuilders on YouTube, and you will find several convincing presentations that lay out this fact very clearly. For the existence of our Republic, one foundational premise of honesty and truth has insured proper governance and an honest court system. This measure of honesty is the Biblical Oath. Whether serving in the military, elected office, or testifying in court, millions of Americans have taken an oath on a Bible to insure that truth is the foundation of all that we do to protect our nation.

As the Bible has been gradually removed from our society, and assigned to limited importance in many "performance megachurches" on Sundays, the value of an oath becomes less and less. Adding to this decline is the fact that even when elected officials take an oath on a Bible to uphold the Constitution, they rarely act in a way that shows reverence for the Bible, and they seemingly have little to no understanding of what it contains.

In recent years, as Americans somehow vote in Islamic representation into Congress, very few within our nation connect the dots to understand that being sworn in on a Koran is an open spritual attack against our foundation as a Christian nation. The purpose of the Islamic faith is to grow the faith by any means possible, including to destory our Christian foundation, and our Christian people.

When the founders of our nation sought to insure a legacy of commitment to our cause of freedom, they immediately looked to the Bible as the determining factor to define a human being's capacity for honesty. For many reasons, that commitment to Biblical honesty has been first diluted, and now all but erased, from leadership in this once Christian nation. Those who were supposed to be doing good service, elected work, or testifying to the truth in court, by upholding their spiritual commitment on the Word of God, now treat the act as a brief moment of obligation without in depth knowledge of the Bible itself.

Many of these men and women have no realization of what they are commiting to by taking this oath, and it shows daily in America today. The Koran, or any other document written by man does not insure a bond with Jesus the way the Holy Bible does. Therefore, any oath taken on any other document has no tie to truth or an assurance of honest behavior. The reverence for Jesus, the word of God, and the truth should not be limited to some initating ceremony. It should exist in our hearts everyday, as it did for our founders. For in their day, just seeing and touching a Bible was an amazing act. In our world today, we act as though it were nothing but a prop.

So, what do these hollow acts of false oaths add up to? You get what we had here last week... riots, narcissistic protesters fueled by empty ideology, a deep state government and silicon valley system of dominance. The lies and sin of many false oath takers are the rotten fruit we see in our streets today.

Americans Under 35
Today, I just cleared any "offending" or "controversial" statements from my QRZ page. Why? Well, let me explain...

A few days ago, I made three comments in a QRZ forum about a posting that was announcing a Chinese QSO Party event. After making these comments several following comments used terms such as "xenophobic" and "intolerant". My comments were solely made to warn my fellow hams that the announcement and video seemed very much like a CCP endorsed "watering hole attack" created to capture metadata from willing good hearted hams who may partcipate.

I know the hobby is diverse, and I understand that we live in a time where people are losing the ability to think critically, but I was actually a little shocked at the inability to understand my statements. I do not partcipate in social media or other platforms because I refuse to be a victim of the cancel culture. I have a an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and a Masters of Information Science, so I know very well how technology works. I will never allow myself to fall victim to a group of activist who only know how to type, and fail to understand how technology actually functions on an intimate level. To be clear, the individual who did not agree with me did appear to be technical, but very left leaning.

So, what followed these online posts became very distressing and prompted my scaling back of the QRZ profile page... One day after making my comments, I received a voicemail (I rarely answer my cellphone) that was from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, but was in fact a masked number. The message was a menu recording from a customer service company in Chinese! We did Google Translate on the recording, and I know what the content was, but we could not fully determine its origin. There are no happen chance issues like this in this time of triangulated data. My comments were non-supportive of the CCP, and with their online army, I know they are very active in determining a list Americans who may be a future threat to their ambitions in our country, and they do have those ambitions.

I only share this tale here because this is my venue and if someone tries to attack it or "cancel" me they will have little impact. So, below are the redacted paragraphs from my QRZ page.

Ret. Col. Harold McDonald Oral History Project Final Statement on Vimeo.

In a world of revisionist histories, where useful idiots are tearing down historic monuments because they feel so victimized by a history they never lived, I wish to share this message from my late Uncle Col. Harold F. McDonald.

Uncle Harold was a true American Hero who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was sent to Japan to rebuild right after the dropping of both atomic bombs. His message above was a warning in 2011, in which he spoke of people revising history years after the fact, and the need at the time to drop the atomic bombs in Japan.

The protestors of 2020 are a spoiled class of kids who are accustom to their college's giving them everything they want, while racking up $100,000's of student debt. These same colleges are failing to truly instruct these kids with critical thinking or discernment skills in a modern information world. Instead, they are pushing egalitarianism and neo-Marxist theory. I know this because it has been my life as an academic librarian for more than 13 years.

The generations born after 1990 have been programmed to desire luxury and comfort, and have been taught they are victims with ultimate rights. In reality, they are child pawns being used by the Chinese and Neo-Marxists to usher in the end of a great nation. They use the "cancel culture" to exert their power. The key to understanding what you see in today's youth, no matter their race, is their belief that they are somehow a victim of something. Whether it be anxiety from their overexposure to technology, or the fact that they grew up during an economic downturn ("The Great Recession") that was caused by demand for false capital created falsely by debt, these kids all believe they are a victim in some way.

I know this is a strong generalization, but it is one that I know very well and one I believe can only be reversed through the confidence provided by a strong belief in Jesus Christ. Whether young or old, when you find a firm intellectual and spiritual belief in the teachings of Christ, Marxism and Collectivist theory become completely irrelevant because they are exposed for their selfish and pride filled purpose. They place the current human condition over the spiritual condition, and convince the believer that they are a victim of some social evil. They craft narrative lies that divide people and devalue the human need to love one another. As a 42 year old man, I spent 9 weeks in chemotherapy to cure cancer. No man, woman, or modern mob will scare me because I have heard the words "you have cancer" twice in my life. Chemo taught me one thing as I went into an infusion lab day after day... we are all equal and imperfect in the eyes of God, but He loves us beyond our ability to comprehend. Even the richest man can't buy his way out of the grave, and watching many good people die before my eyes for those 9 weeks, while I was blessed to live, taught me that there's much I will not understand on this side of death. However, what I do understand is... these kids today are misguided, they need to put down their phones and find Christ now or they will be lost forever.

This simple post is what I call "The American Condition" and will be maintained here regularly. I feel no need to use social media to express these concerns. I am a former social media consultant/contractor, and I know the practices being used by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others. If you are reading this, I strongly urge you to cancel, close, and request deletion of any and all social media accounts. Purchase a domain and learn simple HTML as this site is an example of the most barebones way to get your thoughts out there. Don't be concerned about losing contact with family or friends when you drop off social media. Instead, just pretend it's 1999 again and pick up the phone more often. You won't regret it...

73 and 75

de N8DAW